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It is situated at the joining point of two rivers; Elbow river and Bow river in the southern side of Alberta. Calgary is found in an area of prairies and foothills. It is often known as Stampede city, Cowtown, Wichispa Oyade, Mohkinstsis, and Guts’ists, etc. on the basis of its different features. It is known as the largest city of Alberta because of its dense population. Calgary is also the 3rd largest municipality of the whole of Canada. The economy of the city mainly depends upon different industries like financial services, transportation, film and television, health, aerospace, tourism and retail sectors, technology, and logistics, etc. It is also the hub of corporate head offices that are in the list of 800 largest corporations of the whole country. Calgary is the very wealthiest city in Canada.


Shopping Malls

Calgary is a mix of shopping areas, restaurants, and other hot spots. The Core Shopping Center, Eau Claire Market, and Stephen Avenue are the dynamic and epic shopping centers in the city. All these places are a mix or bunch of high-end retailers and boutiques. All the things that you need can be found and purchased in these shopping malls. You just have money in your bag and there is nothing that you cannot get from here.



There are a lot of tourist attractions found in the city. You will be amazed to know that 20,000 acres of the city is occupied by parks and other recreational places. The source of attraction for people in the city is Calgary Zoo, TELUS Convention Center, China town District, Glen bow museum, etc. The Devonian Gardens is the biggest indoor garden in the world. It is found on the 4th floor of The Core Shopping Center.


Restaurants, Hot spots

Numerous restaurants and other patios are found in the shopping center above mentioned where you can go with your peers and enjoy a tasty and delicious meal.



Stephen Avenue is the largest tourist attraction in the city of Calgary and it is the biggest pedestrian mall in the city.  Calgary Tower is also a source of attraction for people although it is not the tallest building in Canada anymore still it represents the culture of Calgary and is its symbol. Prominent skylines are found in the city. The tallest sky scrapper that is 247-meter-high is Brookfield Palace that is also found in Calgary. 10 skyscrapers having height more than 100 meters are also found here. Other tallest building includes TELUS Sky, Suncor Energy Center, Eight Avenue Palace, and The Bow, etc.


Things to do in City

Eclectic places and public venues are found in the city where you can go to spend your leisure time.

  • You can opt to go to the Devonian Gardens where you can enjoy yourself with indoor natural beauty. As it is found in the Core Shopping Center so you can also enjoy shopping.
  • You can go to the Calgary zoo and get knowledge about different wildlife species.




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