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Abbotsford is situated in Canadian Province British Columbia. It is located adjacent to the United States-Canada Border. The estimated population of the city is 141,397 residents, that’s why it is the largest municipality of the province outside The municipality of Metro Vancouver. Abbotsford is a very dynamic and vibrant city and is hub of different sites such as Tradex, Abbotsford international airport and University of the Fraser Valley. Different nicknames of Abbotsford due to different features and reasons are Raspberry Capital of Canada, Abby, and City in the country.


Shopping Malls

There are different shopping malls in Abbotsford that facilitate the residents and their services are remarkable. Famous shopping malls in the area are Seven Oaks Shopping Center that is a spacious shopping mall with numerous shops that offer both local and international branded products, Highstreets with several anchor stores etc., West Oaks Mall and Abbotsford Village shopping center etc.


Restaurants, Hot spots, and Entertainment

Abbotsford is the largest city in British Columbia with respect to the area. There are a handful of attractive places in the city. If you have a good appetite and are fond of eating, you will find a number of restaurants in Abbotsford that offer delicious meal and other foods on restaurants such as Brodeur’s Bistro and Vi-La palace.



The two famous landmarks of city of Abbotsford are Collingwood Children’s Farm and Abbotsford Convent etc. Good Shepherd Chapel is also included in the landmarks list of Abbotsford.


Things to do

After eating, touring, shopping, and learning the best option is to unwind the doors of outdoor fixes. There are a number of opportunities available in Abbotsford like hiking up on Samas mountain and going for a gratifying walk through Mill Land Park. You can choose the following things:

  • There is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about dailylife on the dairy farms. You kids will surely love to know about how the milk is made they feed on. There are number of grassy fields in the Abbotsford Eco dairy which will cause a spell on you.
  • The 700 meter elevated Sumas Mountain Trail has a fantastic route for going to forests, bridges, and specially Chadesey Lake that is located before the peak of the mountain.
  • Clay burn Village is the best place where you can get a glimpse of the life in the city of Abbotsford about a hundred years The school at Clay burn is acting as an informal museum and should be visited.
  • Scenic tours using helicopter and airplane are offered by the Abbotsford international Airport that lasts from 12 minutes to about 2 hours. You can enjoy a customized tour and have a glimpse of the beauty of the Abbotsford from air without jumping out of the helicopter.
  • Mill Lake Park offers a number of things that could be adopted for enchanting yourself. A picnic area, plenty of benches, maze gardens, and lush green areas are present here where you can go for enjoying with your friends on weekends.



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