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Kelowna is known as Canada’s wine area. It is a reasonable family vacation destination due to its extraordinary views. Around a four-hour drive from Vancouver, this central gem right on Lake Okanagan is surrounded by the Cascade and Coast mountain ranges, making for beautiful views all round. Initially, it was famous as the land of “peaches and beaches” it has, in more current years, developed a repute for its world-class vineyards, golf courses, and successful high-tech sector.

The 100,000 individual city offers sufficient chances to food-loving couples and families to explore its old roots and new outlook. From the annual wine festival, a jaw-droppingly lovely apple orchard, artesian goat cheese to pioneer village, Kelowna’s got something for everyone.

Kelowna has entertainment of all kinds. Shopping, restaurants, and sports are just some of the entertainment in Kelowna to appreciate.


Shopping centers:

While on a trip to Kelowna there are a lot of shopping sites. One of the largest paces for shopping is the Orchard Park Mall. It contains over 170 stores. It is the south of Dilworth Mountain. Orchard Plaza Shopping Centre, Mission Park Shopping Centre, Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre, Kelowna Crossing Shopping Centre are some other shopping centers.



The Annual Okanagan Wine Festival is one of the most thrilling events which occurs every year. There are wine oriented events, which are very appealing for tourists from all over the world. The Manteo Resort Hotel & Villas (one bedroom from $185 per night) offers posh suites and villas close to Kelowna’s center cultural district. It is also a short drive away from a group of quality golf courses, making it the best choice for travelers looking for a “new Kelowna” experience.

Lake Okanagan Resort (one-bedroom suites from $199 per night) on 300 acres of the mountainside of the lake (known as Westbank), offers a more old-school Kelowna experience, with outdoor quests like horseback riding, and miles and miles of hiking tracks. The restaurant’s food is great and kid-pleasing, and the hot tub and pool offer views of the city.


Parks and Orchard:

Kelowna Land & Orchard produces enormous four million pounds of fruit each year, yet its beauty and charm make one bound to label it almost a “beautiful orchard”.  Its awesome hilltop view, free-roaming goats, and beautiful chickens and roosters among the rows of apple trees.


Natural attractions:

Natural attractions in Kelowna include 17 km of trails at the Mission Creek Greenway. During the autumn, there are brightly colored Kokanee fighting their way upstream to spawn. Father Pandosy Mission is the first white settlement in the Okanagan. The empty cabins and workshops can be a bit mysterious, but plenty of fun to explore.

Downtown Kelowna has shops, cafes, and galleries. Posh Gallery provides jewelry and accessories in a fun, friendly shopping atmosphere.


Amazing place for the foodie:

Kelowna is a great place for any foodie providing them to come home with regional delicacies for their fridge and store.

Carmelis Goat Cheese Artisan is famous for organic goat cheese. while on a tour meet the goats, as well as the charming Israeli emigrants who founded the dairy and are earning awards for the 19 types of cheese they produce on-site. Carmelis’s Vintage cheese is a must-try. The Country Market provides a relaxing place to discover anything.

The open-air Kelowna Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market brings people close to the region’s fresh harvest in addition to homemade food items and fresh drinks.


Real estate:

There is a vast variety of houses in Kelowna. In Dilworth Mountain, there are single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums that are affordable. Houses in the upper missions are large with great space.  The property in downtown can be owned and rented out at a very low price. The homes in the westside are new for single as well as multi-family. The houses in Shannon lake are diverse from single-family homes to townhouses and condominiums at low rents. Lake country has properties in rural areas. The average home price is $412,790, the average rent price is $1,069.64, the average condominium price is $319,959 and the average detached home price is $601,228.


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