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London, Ontario


Shopping Malls

Malls and shopping plazas are another development trend of real estate which is getting high attention. It has been observed in past few years, the best way for shopping is to visit malls or some specific corners of city like Masonville and White Oaks because at these  places people can find all sorts of necessities including groceries, households and outfits easily. London has a number of plazas and 5 city blocks completely occupied with stores.



Fanshawe Pioneer Village is a museum established to represent history of community in 1959. People visit this museum and enjoy because it is a preservation of their tradition in former township of Westminster. Village has a collection of more than 25,000 artifacts including furniture, costumes, archival materials, decorative art, textile, vehicles, and domestic tools as well as industrial and agricultural tools and equipment.



Barney’s, 671 Richmond St. offers a number of deals under $10 including drink deals along with best food of London. It is a perfect spot for students to grab tasty deal in less money. Broughdale Star Kitchen, 1131 Richmond St. offers things everyone love to eat including Chinese food and Comfort food. This spot provides tasty, inexpensive meal even open at late night. The plus point of this restaurant is that there are different taxes included but special offers are available after six in the evening.


Londonlicious is just like an event which covers more than 30 restaurants in the city. It is an event of shout out for all food lovers to try most amazing and delicious dishes in any restaurant of your choice. They have launched their Pub Edition this September so people can enjoy taste of all their favorite grills and pubs. All family restaurants have participated in this festival. Convent Garden Market is situated in the area of Richmond Dunes and King Street as a public fair which was started in 1835. Its new market has also been started since 1999. Foodies love to eat their regional dishes, seasonal products, gourmet food and others.


Fun Things to do

As it is one of the ultimate ski spots, people can do various things there in leisure time such as they can enjoy seasonal events along with outdoor yoga to Treetop Adventure Park and mountain biking over Boler Mountain which is a great place to enjoy in nature’s company.


Real Estate Fact

It is considered as a sleeper community compared to other communities of large metropolitan neighbors including Kitchener Waterloo and GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The prices of real estate in London are lower than other provinces. But as real estate development has increased in London in last few years, prices of property have increased up very fast and thus, demands of property have also exceeded. New construction scheme of houses have also sky rocketed in popularity spreading out in every corner of this city.



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