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Nanaimo is a ferry port and located on the East coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. The displays of Nanaimo Museum at the heart of the city exhibits on indigenous people and industries of the city. Bastion is an 1853 wooden tower with the cannon fringes in summer is present near Harbourfront Walkway.


Shopping Malls:

The city has many amazing shopping malls and plazas as well. The Woodgrove Centre is the shopping center located on Vancouver Island in the harbor city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Downtown Nanaimo is famous among foodies, gift shoppers, art lovers, and everyone in-between. In addition to the jewelry stores and the specialty shops, a part of the downtown Nanaimo has been coined as “Arts District”.



The city has many entertaining spots. The Nanaimo Bar is the signature sweet of the city. While you are in the city this is the must-try snack. This brown and yellow delight has a thick custard-flavored icing layer with chocolate, sitting on the crumb and coconut wafer. Above downtown Nanaimo is Vancouver Island Military museum of octagon shape. Its view is amazing. Displays of the museum include Canada’s army, air force and navy and the wars in which they have been involved and their role through history of Canada.



There is an amazing ocean view along with the savory creations at the Nanaimo premier Oceanside. This business was started in 1987 in an array of Fine Cuisine. You will find a fully licensed inviting and comfortable dining room at Little George’s Restaurant. They have amazing pasta, burgers, pizzas and many more.


Things to do:

Nanaimo is a charming city spreading over the Salish Sea to Coastal Mountains on the mainland of British Columbia. The main focus of the city is harbor where land, tours and boats come and go, seaplanes usually take off and shore is lined by the walking trails. The city is tempting due to its natural beauty but downtown with the shops, museums and restaurants adds to appeal. The most famous things to do in Nanaimo are wilding tours, whale watching, exploring nearby parks and soaking up sights from Harbourfront Walkaway.

For enjoying a sunny day one of the most delightful ways is to have a whale watching tour in Nanaimo. The spectacular scenery with mountains of the Vancouver Island on the one side and even higher mountains of the mainland of British on the other side across strait give an incredible background to surfacing whales. One of the things that makes the city beautiful and fascinating is the Harbourfront Walkway of the city. Running along the waterfront below Front Street, the Harbourfront walkway is hanging above the ocean and shore in some of the areas and in some other areas it circles around green spaces and parks.


Real Estate Fact:

Despite the growth of the population, the city remains an affordable living place, 1n 2019, the average price of a detached home for single-family was $566,023. As compared to nearby metropolitan areas housing in Nanaimo is more affordable.


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