Find out the Best Shopping & Entertainment in Oshawa


Oshawa, Ontario: Shopping & Entertainment in the City


Shopping Malls

There are various opportunities for shopping in this city as there are many malls and outlets along the streets. If you go out for shopping, you will see a number of local boutiques and outlets along with a large chain of shops. People who search for unique items often head to Downtown Oshawa and explore the locally established boutiques and artesian shops for elegant unique look. This city also has outdoor malls with some bigger shops like Best Buy and Walmart.



Parks and trail system of this city covers almost 410 hectares of land and approximately more than twenty seven kilometers of trails. This city has over 110 playgrounds, 130 parks, 3 skateboards and 8 ice pads. Some people like to spend their leisure time by sitting along Oshawa Creek to Gibb Street in Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden. It is a huge network of parks with an enchanting fragrance of flowers. Summer is considered as the best time of exploring gardens.



There are various restaurants and a number of Chefs coming out from every corner of city. Due to this reason, Oshawa has become a food city now. Downtown is the area offering a number of food options but food of entire city is delicious and enjoyable. All food items from healthy eatables to Southern BBQ can be tasted in this city. In other words, this city provides you an opportunity to delight your taste buds. All sorts of foods including Italian, Chinese, Indian and Mexican cuisine are also available. Some restaurants also facilitate their customers with a light music to soothe them while eating. Ciao Amici and Spicy Affairs provide Italian and Indian food respectively at affordable prices.


Things to do

Oshawa has various parks, conservation areas, walking trails, outdoor and indoor public swimming pools, sports facilities and community centers. Lakeview Park spreads across the coast of Lake Ontario and sandy beach is located in proximity to the Oshawa Museum. McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve and Second Marsh Wildlife Area provide protection to marshy areas along with interpretive platforms and trails.


Real Estate Facts

Central Oshawa is the best place if a person is looking for a property or an investment in East Ends. Median price of a detached house for sale in Oshawa is $400,000 which is almost less than half of the price people expect to spend to buy a home in GTA. Its housing is approximately twenty percent cheaper than its neighborhoods. Despite of such great prices of houses, people are trying to keep some pace with the most sought out areas of GTA. Due to these reasons, it is considered as an ideal area to live for a family. The main fascination and attraction of this city lies in its price. Mostly people who visit central area are either investors or new comers looking to buy a house. Nowadays, investors will get a benefit in finding a tenants as there are some rental crises.

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