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With a population of 85792 residents, Victoria is a city found on the southern edge of Vancouver Island. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, which is a province of Canada. With respect to population density, Victoria is at 7th number in the list of all cities of Canada. It is also famous as “the Garden City”. Victoria also holds the distinction that it is the oldest city in the Pacific Ocean that had British settlement and residencies since 1843. Victoria is named after the name of Queen Victoria. China town of the Victoria City is at 2nd number in North America. The list of top cities of the world with respect to high standards of living and quality of life also contains the name of Victoria. Victoria is at the 20th number on the list.


Shopping Malls

There are several shopping destinations in Victoria that are famous for their branded stores and luxurious shops where you can shop for everything. These include The Bay Center, May fare Shopping center, West village shopping center, etc.



Victoria is also famous as Garden City due to attractive destination places and tourism sites. There is a number of places available for your gratification and contentment. You can amuse yourself with the natural side of Victoria. The renowned but chart Gardens are available for spending some time. Different places for hiking and ferry ride are also present. Cowchian Valley, Gold stream Provincial Park and Sooke are excellent places for different recreational activities.


Restaurants, Hot spots

You should not be deprived of visiting the most famous and cherished eateries of Victoria. Red fish Blue fish is among one of them. It is famous for its seafood. If you are visiting this eating place you should select the outdoor sitting area so you could enjoy yourself with the sights of the famous inner Harbour.



Victoria is also famous due to its historical buildings and historical sites. There are also two famous landmarks in the city that are the source of distinction for Victoria. These two landmarks include Empress Hotel that was opened in 1908 and the second one is Parliament Buildings that is home to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and its construction was finished in 1897.


Things to do

There are plenty of things to do in Victoria with your kids and friends also. The list of things that you can opt to adopt in your daily life as well as on weekends:

  • You can visit the Empress Hotel, the Royal BC Museum & BC Parliament buildings in the inner Harbour of Victoria.
  • Millions of peoples visit the famous natural beauty of Victoria, the Butchart Gardens. These gardens remain splendid in every season. They cause a spell on peoples who visit the garden. So, you must visit these gardens and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Miniature World is also another fantastic place that is featured with 85 detailed scenes that represent historical and antique times and things. You can visit it for enriching your historical knowledge.



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