Houses for Sale in the Range of $100,000 to $300,000 in Nanaimo



Nanaimo is a ferry port and city located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in Canada, British Columbia. At the heart of the city the Nanaimo Museum is responsible for the aesthetic beauty of the city and it also displays industries and indigenous people of Nanaimo.


Working in Nanaimo is sustainable, invigorating and it promotes a balanced quality of life. With the living wage less than Vancouver, Victoria and many other comparable regions, Nanaimo is a refreshing place to make a living, explore, to go out and also to come home.


The weather conditions of Nanaimo are also very comfortable and soothing. There is a lot of rain in the city even in the driest month. Moreover, Nanaimo offers you hundreds of affordable houses to live in.


Affordable houses to live in Nanaimo

In Nanaimo about 55 percent of the dwellings are single detached houses and the remaining are mainly duplex houses and small apartment residential houses. Nanaimo generally has two and three bedroom houses.


About 70 percent of dwellings are occupied by homeowners while the remaining houses are rented. Roughly 30 percent of houses in Nanaimo were built in the 1960s and 1970s while the rest of houses were constructed before the 1960s.


So, Nanaimo offers you a number of different housing styles within a very affordable price. The most affordable houses in Nanaimo are condominiums. A condominium is a large residential property complex consisting of individual units. Each unit is owned by its owner separately. The ownership usually includes a non-exclusive interest in the certain community property that is controlled by the management of the condominium.


Condo Range in $100K to $300K and Market Condition of Nanaimo

You can buy a number of condominiums in different areas of the country. You can find a number of different houses available for sale in Nanaimo.


A two bed and two bath condominium is available for sale at 6711 Dover Rd 425, Nanaimo, British Columbia. This is a well constructed condominium where you can live a quality of life with your family. This house is worth only $298,000.


Another two bed and two bath condominium are available for sale at 5685 Edgewater Lane 301, Nanaimo, British Columbia. This house costs only 1,059 sqft. This condo costs only $297,000.


A one bed and one bath condominium apartment is available for sale at 309 Morison Ave, Parksville, British Columbia. This is again a well constructed house where you can get comfort after a busy long day of work.


The real estate market of Nanaimo is likely to continue in 2021 as a seller, with the expectations of a steady year ahead which is characterized by the low interest rate that allows more people to enter the real estate market demand from mainland British Columbia buyers.


Low inventory is the most common trend in many Nanaimo real estate markets that puts an upward pressure on buyers. The average housing price of single detached houses in Nanaimo has increased to $602,905 as compared to last year.



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