Houses for Sale in the Range of $100,000 to $300,000 in Revelstoke



Revelstoke is a Canadian city located in the southeastern part of British Columbia. According to a census in 2021, its population is about 8,275. This city is situated 415 km west of Calgary and 641 km east of Vancouver.


The unique thing about Revelstoke is that it is the most powerful and one of the biggest hydroelectric dams in Canada. In Revelstoke the winters are snowy, freezy and mostly cloudy while the summers are very comfortable. So, shifting in this Canadian province would be the best decision of your life.


Affordable houses to live in Revelstoke

This Canadian city offers you different construction styles including single family detached homes, single family attached homes, townhouses, condominiums etc.


A single family home is a stand-alone home that is a free standing housing building. It is sometimes referred to single family houses, in contrast to multi-family housing dwellings.  Townhomes are another construction style in Revelstoke. It is a multi-floor house that usually shares 1 to 2 walls with the adjacent properties but each of these will have their own entrances.  Condominiums are the most common construction styles in Revelstoke.


All of these are available in different numbers of beds and baths according to your wish and obviously to your family size.


The most affordable housing styles in Revelstoke is condominiums. A condo is a residential or housing complex which has separate units. If you want to rent a condo, you have to rent it directly from the condo owner.


Condo Range in $100K to $300K and Market Condition of Revelstoke

Different condos are available for sale in Revelstoke. These are available in different sizes so that you can have the condo of your own family size. These housing units are available with all the basic facilities in different areas of the city.


A two bed and two bath condominium in above mention range is available in #SL50 P11 Mackenzie Plaza Bldg 2 Plaza, Revelstoke, British Columbia. This is a well constructed condo where you can enjoy a quality of life with your family.


Another 2 bed and one bath condo is available for sale in #SL 138 #P01 (Building#04) Mackenzie Plaza, Revelstoke, British Columbia. These houses enhance the aesthetic beauty of the city.


Another 2 bed and one bath residential condominium of 1,065 square feet is available for sale in 160-5 Avenue SW, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke. This house is available at the cost of $299,900. You can find many more condominiums in different parts of Revelstoke.


In August of last year, the median listed housing price of Revelstoke was about $417,000 which was almost average if we compare it with the rest of British Columbia. Three bedroom residential properties are the most commonly available for the inventors of real estate in the neighborhood this month.


This month almost 109th neighborhoods in British Columbia were tracked and this Canadian city, Revelstoke, has about 109th most available homes for the real estate investors.



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