How Many Listings are Available for Sale and their Average Prices in Oakville?


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Oakville is the great oasis fast face of the time in Mississauga or Toronto. It gives you many ways to enjoy the beauty of nature. The town also has many parks and many cultural opportunities for enjoying different forms of dance and music.


How many listings are available for sale?

The number of listings in Oakville is 533. New listings and active listings are different in the town depending on the construction styles. The new listings sold out listings and active listings for detached houses in the city are 139, 44, and 251 respectively.


The number of new listings sold out listings and active listings for townhouses in the city are 71, 17, and 99 respectively. Next, we have condominiums. The number of new listings is 97, sold-out listings are 19 and active listings are 183.


What is the average price?

The average housing price in Oakville is $1,403,779 as indicated by recent Oakville MLS statistics. The city has 36 median days to sell a real estate property. The average price varies with the nature of the housing style. The average cost of detached houses is $1.7M while that of townhouses and condominiums is $985K and $1.1M respectively.


What is available in the price range?

Houses with different architectural styles are available for sale in the different corners of town.


A 4 bedroom and 5 bathroom house is available for sale at 205 TRAFALGAR RD, Oakville. This house is around 3500-5000 sq ft. This beautiful house will cost you only $4,695,000. Another 4 bedroom and three-bathroom house are available for sale at 442 SOUTHLAND CRES, Oakville. This house will cost you only $1,849,000.


If we have a look at the townhouse availability in the city then there are 165 listings of townhouses in the city. A three-bedroom and three-bathroom townhouse are available for sale at 1250 MARLBOROUGH CRT, Oakville. This townhouse will cost you only $923500. Another 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom townhouse are available for sale at 2001 TRAWDEN WAY, Oakville. Its cost is $1,179,000.


Next, we have condominiums. There are 165 listings of condominiums in the city. A two-bedroom and two-bathroom condo are available for sale at 2470 PRINCE MICHAEL DR, Oakville. This beautiful condominium will cost you only $990,000. Another three-bedroom and two-bathroom condo are for sale at 1300 MARLBOROUGH COURT UNIT#35, Oakville. The price of this house is only $543,369.


Some more details on the city and its real estate

The city has many amazing and affordable houses. People are moving to this Canadian town because of its friendly environment and affordable houses. The most affordable construction styles in the town are condominiums which are housing complexes in which each unit is owned individually.


The average sold-out price in the city is $1.4M. This price represents a 6.6 percent monthly change, 7.1 percent quarterly change, and 14.2 percent yearly change. Moreover, in the last 28 days, around 79 houses have been sold out in the city.



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