How Many Listings are Available for Sale and their Average Prices in Ottawa?


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Ottawa houses are very beautifully constructed and affordable. It is a good time to buy a home in Ottawa. As compared to the same last year, average house sale prices in the city have decreased to 1.6 percent. Plus if you want to invest in the real estate of Ottawa then the city will guarantee you an amazing return on the investment based on the steady growth of the real estate market.


How many listings are available for sale?

Ottawa has a large listing number of 2394. Three kinds of listings have always been very important for real estate experts. Three houses are very common and preferred by the people of Ottawa. These are detached homes, condominiums, and townhomes. Detached houses have 9 new listings, 1 sold listing, and 16 active listings.


Next are condominiums. These are with 1 new listing, no sold listings, and 6 active listings. Townhouses are next in line and these with 10 new listings, 2 sold listings and 13 active listings.


What is the average price?

The average sale price in the city falls within the range of $670,000-$678,000. The city has 74 median days on average to sell a real estate property as represented by recent MLS real estate statistics.


The average sale price varies with the different home styles. The detached houses have an average cost of $880K, that is for townhouses is $578K and for the condos is $520K. From these prices, we can say that Ottawa is a very affordable city with a minimum price of $520k for condominiums.


What is available in the price range?

Different house styles are available for sale in Ottawa. First, there are 2394 home listings. A 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom home is for sale at 49 SYCAMORE DRIVE OTTAWA, CANADA. It will cost you only $899,000. Another 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home for sale at 1837 HAIKU STREET, OTTAWA, CANADA. You can own this house for $1,030,000.


Next in line are townhomes with 1001 listings. A three-bedroom and four-bathroom townhouse is for sale at 37 GARDEN POST TERRACE, OTTAWA, CANADA. This is for $644,900. Another three bedroom and three bathrooms for sale at 8 SIENNA PRIVATE, OTTAWA, CANADA. This is for $624,000.


Next, there are condominiums with 1131 listings. A two-bedroom and one-bathroom are for sale at 270 LORRY GREENBERG DRIVE UNIT#7, OTTAWA, CANADA. This is for $320,000. Another 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom condo are for sale at 555 BRITTANY UNIT#7, OTTAWA, CANADA. You can buy this house for $299,000.


Some more details on the city and its real estate

The average sold price in Ottawa is $678K. This shows a monthly change of 29.2 percent, a quarterly change of 3.2 percent, and a yearly change of 12.3 percent. From the last 56 days around 3 homes have been sold out. 97 percent is the selling-to-listing price ratio in Ottawa.



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