Prices for Condos in Guelph – January 2021.


What can you afford in Guelph, Ontario with $400,000 to $480,000?

Guelph is known as The Royal City of Canada situated in the southwest of Ontario.  It is approximately 17 miles in the east of Kitchener and 62 miles in the west of Downtown Toronto. Guelph is considered as one of the best places to live in. it is included in the top 10 safe cities of Canada. The crime rate is low in this city. It is the best place to raise a family according to research digest.


Condos in Guelph

Many people want to live in Ontario just because of its fame and safety. People from many areas move to Ontario to buy their own house or a condo. New people are very much conscious about choosing the location of their home. Such people are recommended to buy a condo in Guelph Ontario as it is the best place due to its highly developed and commercial area.


Guelph is offering a number of condos on sale at affordable prices. This city has the best condo construction developments due to its interior and exterior design. Their enriching and captivating outlook enforces buyers to buy these condos even in a glance. These condos have a planned management program for repairing any malfunction in electric, telecommunication, or any other issue. There is a little monthly fee of this condo management in order to keep the function of every system working in a perfect manner.


Do condos are available in $400,000 to $480,000?

Yes, well-furnished condos having spacious corridors, luxurious elevators, efficient floor layout, and superb reception are available in the price of $400,000 to $480,000.


Interior of Condo

The number of bedrooms in each condo varies according to the customer’s demand. Some people demand a single bedroom condo while others demand two to three bedrooms. Basically, these condos are for the accommodation of a single-family. But most of the condos have 2 bedrooms along with a bathroom, well-furnished kitchen, a spacious corridor, and a big lounge. All these condos are available at an affordable price of 400,000 to $480,000. These condos are built upon the area of approximately fourteen hundred square feet.


Excellent Amenities

The most beneficial factor of Guelph condos is its excellent amenities. Before buying a condo, make sure whether you are going to avail of all the facilities or not. The most appealing amenity for a family is the proximity of quality schools. So, there is no need to worry about the education of your child if you are going yo buy a condo in this city.


Some condo developments of this city are introducing new facilities such as grooming areas, gardening plots, outdoor TV watching, basketball court, and a lounge. These amenities are in addition to the gym, parking lot, swimming pool, and playing ground. Moreover, this city has a low crime rate due to its high security.


So, Guelph is one of the best places to buy a condo at affordable prices.



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