Prices for Condos in Milton – January 2021.


What can you afford in Milton, Ontario with $400,000 to $480,000?

Milton is a town of Canada located in southern Ontario which is situated 40 km west of Downtown Toronto. Condo buyers are getting more advantages from lower mortgage fixed rates.  House sales in this town play a vital role in the economic growth, development, government revenues, and job creation every year. All these things make Milton the best place to live in along with a number of amenities.


Condos in Milton

Milton is considered as a city having the most beautiful condos due to its marvelous interior structure. All these condos have excellent amenities. Parking lot, swimming pool, and playing ground are some of these basic amenities in a condominium. The price of a condo will also vary by the number of amenities present there.


Can you buy a condo with $400,000 to $480,000?

Yes, of course. You can buy a beautiful condo having even a number of amenities within this price. If you want to buy a well-structured condo at an affordable price, Milton’s condos should be your first priority. Not only these condos have a great exterior but also a great interior structure. The additional point of these condos is their location as they are present in highly developed areas.


Interior of Condo

Milton’s condos have efficient floor layout, spacious corridors, luxurious elevators, superb reception, parking accommodation, and semi-furnished. The number of bedrooms in each condo can differentiate from others as some condos are for one or two persons while some are for family accommodation.


Milton has condos mostly comprising of one bedroom along with 1 bath, properly designed kitchen, spacious corridor, and a laundry. All these condos are present at a cheap stake offer i.e., between $400,000 to $480,000. Most condos on sale cover an area of almost up to 1140 square feet. The parking facility is also available for residential families.


Condos on Sale

A beautiful condo is on sale located at 630 SAUVE St. only at the price of $438,000. This is a single-family condominium having 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and a spacious parking space. These condos are exteriorly furnished with bricks. Other amenities of this condo include storage, party room, and an exercise center. There is a facility for underground parking. In order to maintain the condo’s functioning, a monthly maintenance fee of $183 is charged.


Another stunning modern condo is located in The Popular Hawthorne South Village Community, present at the heart of Milton only at the cost of $449,000. This is a single-family condo having 1 bedroom and 1 bath. A well-furnished kitchen, a living room, and underground parking are available in this condo. Monthly maintenance charges of this condo are $233. Moreover, a private balcony is also present in the condo.


Thus, Milton is the best place to live as well as buy due to the marketing rate of this city. This city will develop even more in the upcoming years due to increasing job opportunities and population. So, buy a house only at a price of $400,000 to $480,000.



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