Real Estate Market Outlook for Kamloops in 2022



Kamloops is a city located in south-central British, Canada. It is a city for every season. It is a highly desirable city located in the interior of British Columbia. Its ideal location, climate, and affordable houses attract a number of buyers from all over the country. A blend of amenities, a slew of outdoor activities, well-rated schools, and friendly neighborhoods perfectly blend the quality of lifestyle in Kamloops.


The monthly cost of living in Kamloops is just $3400. The main industries of the city are agriculture, forestry, mining and retail have always enhanced the economy of the city.


Average Housing Price in Kamloops:

Based on all the sales in 2021, the average sales price in the city is $559,674 as compared to the average sale in 2020 i.e. $456,456. This is an increase of 22.6%. Almost 294 units are sold out in August 2021.


According to a recent study, this is one of the most affordable cities in the province. It is ranked among the top communities for house affordability and second only to Prince George. The average house price in Kamloops is $406,768. The median price of a one-person household is $35,004. This data shows how affordable Kamloops city is.


Homes for Sale in Kamloops:

Homes at different rates are available for sale in different areas of the city. If you want to buy a residential house then a 2 bed and 2 bath apartment is available in 7545 DALLAS DRIVE, Kamloops, British Columbia. The cost of this plot is just $ 299,800. Similarly, a single-family home is available for sale at 1555 HOWE Road 126 Street, Kamloops, British Columbia. This single-family residential apartment has 2 baths and 2 beds. The rate of this house is $340,000. A single-family house at a little bit more price is available at 871 SAHALI TERRACE 112, Kamloops, British Columbia. It has 3 beds and 3 baths. The cost of this house is $569,900. These were just a few examples. Many more houses are offered by Kamloops at reasonable rates.


What Kind of Houses Can You Afford in Kamloops?

If you are fond of different architectural styles then settling in Kamloops will be the best decision of your life. This city offers you different kinds of houses with different numbers of beds and baths. These housing styles are residential plots, single-family apartments, detached homes, condos, and townhomes. The most affordable ones are condominiums. Currently, there are 70 apartments and condos offered by Kamloops for sale. Their price range is very affordable and is ranging from $149,900 to $624,900.


Kamloops Housing Market Outlook:

Currently, the mortgage rate in Kamloops is hovering almost 2.9 percent. By the coming year, this rate will increase up to 4%. The retailer properties will generate lower is believed by panelists, if any, return in the coming year as compared to the end of 2020. It is expected that there will be a significant decline in property constructions in the coming year.



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