Real Estate Market Outlook for Leduc in 2022



Leduc is the city of Alberta, Canada. Due to its vibrant economy, Leduc is the heart of Canada’s economic engine. Leduc’s economy has its roots in tourism, gas, oil, agricultural industry and recreation, and arts and culture. This city is just a few minutes drives away from the amenities of life and also from all the basic facilities. Leduc is an amazing place to call home. So if you are thinking about settling in Leduc then it will be the best decision of your life.


Average Housing Price in Leduc:

According to current Leduc MLS stats, Leduc has average housing price of $ 370,195. This city has had almost 58 new listings in the last 28 days. This city has 39 average days on the market to sell a house. The city’s average selling price is $370K. Leduc has a 99 percent selling to listing price ratio.


Homes for Sale in Leduc:

Different houses at different prices are available for sale in Leduc city. You can buy a good reasonable house in whatever area you want. A residential apartment is available at 81 Alexandra Park Leduc, Alberta T9E 8J6. The cost of this apartment is $250,000. If you are looking for a single-family house then you can buy this one at 134 SOUTHFORK DR, Leduc, Alberta T0E0E9. The price of this single-family house is $315,000. This data shows that you can buy a house with all basic facilities within the range of $50K.


What Kind of Houses Can You Afford in Leduc?

The average housing price in Leduc city shows that this is quite affordable city to settle in. You can buy your own house. You can enjoy homes of different construction styles. The most common are detached houses, condos, and townhomes.


These houses are available at different prices. A two-bedroom detached house is available at the price of $287K. This price goes on increasing with the increase in the number of beds and baths. A three-bed detached house is available at a cost of $372K. If we talk about condos then these are cheaper than detached houses. A two-bedroom condominium is available at the cost of $192K. Likewise, a 3-bedroom condominium is available at the cost of $158K. So, you can enjoy your own house in this amazing city of Canada.


Leduc Housing Market Outlook:

In Leduc city, home buyers are very happy as the house prices have not changed much as compared to past years. During the past three years, much more buyers have been priced into the housing market. In the coming year, people are planning to sell a house and this will take a heart as house values are at all-time highs.


The recent housing boom will be wiped out in the coming year 2022 or possibly during early 2023 when the mortgage interest rates rise.  But actually, there is no bubble to burst in the city, though housing prices can retreat from the panic buying highs. This bubble is not merely a rise in price but also the demands are not justified by the fundamental economic factors.



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