Real Estate Market Outlook for Squamish in 2022



Squamish is a district municipality and a community of the province of Canada, British Columbia. This city has an oceanic climate with moderately cold winters and warmer summers. It is the hub of culture and arts where different kinds of creators can incubate their craft.


The cost of the index in Squamish is based on the national average of 100. Let us understand this with an example that if the cost of living is 90 then this is less than 10 percent than average. Whether you are born and bred in the city or come from neighborhood areas or work in Squamish, it is a wonderful place to raise a family.


Average Housing Price in Squamish:

Current real estate stats indicate that the average housing price in the city is $958,161. There are about 56 new listings in the city. Squamish has 27 median days on the market to sell a house. The average sold price in the city is $958K. This city’s percent selling to listing ratio.


Homes for Sale in Squamish:

Like I mentioned earlier Squamish is one of the best Canadian cities to settle in. Your children can have the best of both worlds with easy access to one of the best Canadian cities of the world with a backyard filled with adventures and fun.


If you want to buy a single-family home then you can get one in 37481 CLEVELAND, AVENUE 503, Squamish, British Columbia. This is one bed and one-bath apartment with a price of $4,49,900. If you want a bigger one then a 2 bed and 2 bath apartments are available for sale at 1212 MAIN STREET, 605 Squamish, British Columbia. The cost of this house is $699,900. These were just a few examples. There are many more affordable houses for sale in Squamish.


What Kind of Houses Can You Afford in Squamish?

Squamish is a very versatile city. It offers its residents different housing styles. You can never be bored in the city. These housing styles are not restricted to a single area of the city. You can buy houses at reasonable rates in different areas of the city. The most common are condominiums, detached houses, and townhomes. They have different ranges of average prices. The condos have an average cost of $513K.  The average cost of townhomes is $1.0M while that of detached houses is $1.4.


Squamish Housing Market Outlook:

A seller’s market is balanced by an increase in the housing supplies for sale but according to the recent housing market, there will be no increase in inventory. The US real estate market is away from crashing in the coming years.


Many economists suggest that you should wait until 2022 to buy a house. The reason is that this year the housing demand is high and that’s why the price will go on increasing. There will be a cool down in housing prices in the coming year. So, to wait until next year to buy a house will be a good decision.



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