Real Estate Market Outlook for West Vancouver in 2022


West Vancouver

West Vancouver is the wealthiest city in Canada. It is situated on the Northern shore across the Burrard Inlet through the Lions Gate Bridge. This community is also the most pretty municipality in Canada. It has many beautiful parks, beaches, ski hills and many more.


Its population is about 43000 individuals. So, if you don’t like noise and want to enjoy a peaceful life then settling in West Vancouver will be a good decision. It is home to athletes, successful business people, and professionals from around the whole world.


Average Housing Price in West Vancouver:

According to current West Vancouver stats, the average household price in the city is about $2,100,132. The city has 151 new listings. West Vancouver has 47 days on the market to sell a house. The average sold price in the city is $2.1M. West Vancouver has a 94 percent selling to listing price ratio.


West Vancouver, without any doubt, took the top spot for best cities in British Columbia. It is a playground for the Metro area’s elite. Besides a reasonable cost of living, it is one of the most transient friendly and destrian cities in the nation as well.


Homes for Sale in West Vancouver:

Currently, there are 510 houses for sale in West Vancouver. About 55 percent of properties in the city are single family detached homes while the remaining are apartment buildings. Three-quarters of the units in the municipality are homeowners while the remaining are renters.


If you are looking for a decent house to live in then you can get one in 1955 Palmerston Avenue, West Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a four-bed and 2 bath apartment, one perfect for a single-family. It is available at the rate of $3,98,900. There are many more houses for sale at reasonable prices in West Vancouver.


What Kind of Houses Can You Afford in West Vancouver?

With varieties of housing styles, West Vancouver offers you an amazing lifestyle. To live a decent life in the city you have to earn an average yearly amount that generally ranges between $40,500 to $1,36000. You can live decently in West Vancouver with a variety of jobs here.


Three architectural styles are common in West Vancouver. There are townhomes, detached houses, and condominiums. All of these have different average prices. The average price of townhomes is 1.1M. Detached houses have an average price of $2.6M and that of condominiums is 1.3M.


West Vancouver Housing Market Outlook:

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, the average selling price in the city has decreased 1 percent to $ 1,949, 881 in the last year. But this year there is an increase of 3 percent to $2,008,377 across all the housing property types. But this increase will be cooled down until 2022 as believed by economists. The real estate market of the city is cooling down a bit but cannot be considered as a buyer’s market this year.



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