Real Estate Market Scope for Ancaster in the New Year 2020


Ancaster Real Estate Market: 2020 Outlook

Ancestor is a town in Hamilton, Ontario located on the cliff of Niagara Canada. Are you deciding to move there or invest in? well if you are planning to do so then it would be a better decision because it’s economy is progressing day by day and if you are deciding to invest in there then I must tell you that home sales market is hot this year. The average sale price for a home rose more than 22 percent in October as compared with the same month last year.

According to 2019 report, there is a stronger sellers’ market for new homes in Ancaster and the Niagara Region. RAHB CEO said that homes sales in October 2019 was high ($745,000) as compared to the last year’s October ($700,187). According to him the sales increased by 22.6 % to $859,582 and the median price in Ancaster rose by 6.4 % by the last year and it is expected to increase more in 2020. With such statement, we can become very clear that the real estate in the Ancaster is increasing dramatically and this is the great news for the seller and for the investors.


Ancaster real estate market:

As of today, There are 225 homes for sale in Ancaster. The majority of home price is between $900K+ and the median list price is $849,900 with $313 median price list per square foot. This means that you can easily find a home that meets your criteria and desire.


Home sale report:

In terms of median listing price order Ancaster is Canada’s 88th most expensive, that is $894,672. As compared to rest of Ontario, the median list house price of Ancaster was $894,672 in August 2019, which is quite notable. If you are an investor, then this might be good news for that Ancaster is the neighborhood that has 118th most available properties available.  If you are wishing to invest in Ancestor, then you must go through the stock data as stock on the market can be important. According to stock market there are more stock in these days then it was three month ago in Ancaster, this will definitely increase pressure on pricing. Stock on market is 0.04%.


Condo sale report:

Recently in terms of median house price order, Ancaster is considered Canada’s as the most expensive suburb. The median price for Ancaster condos is $277,400. We can put it into bottom 30 in terms of the number of available properties in the neighborhood, that means Ancestor is on 285 number when we compare it with other neighborhoods. So, you must also look for other neighborhoods as Ontario has hundreds of neighborhoods to invest in and you may also find a lot of data to sift through which would help you narrow your search down. The house price pressure is increasing because the number of real estate is decreasing and the housing market is forcing to put pressure on house prices.

The RAHB also points out that the real estate market is different for specific neighborhoods from the overall market average. So you should be very careful in buying or selling any property, the average sale price can be useful for you in establishing long-term trends but this will not predict that  the price for different properties will be increase or decrease.

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