Real Estate Market Scope for Oshawa in the New Year 2020


Oshawa Real Estate Market Outlook 2020

Oshawa is situated near Greater Toronto Area. It is home to 357,000 people with total area of around 146 square kilometers. Due to astronomical prices of real estate market in Toronto, home sales are increasing in nearby cities and Oshawa is one of them.


Oshawa real estate 2020 outlook:

In the view of housing experts and economists, by 2020 the real estate market will decline. Some said that the decline may start from the end of 2019 and some said that real estate market down fall may start from 2021.


Oshawa real estate market report:

The home sale prices are increasing year over year. The average home price in Oshawa is $399,900, the average rent price is $875,00 and the average condo price is $295,424. Talking about the homes in different regions of Oshawa then you can variety in them that is in Northern Oshawa the home collection is unique. You can easily find here traditionally designed bungalows, detached homes, semi-detached townhouses. If you want to raise a big family in a place with less traffic and quiet place, then this city is best place for you can find homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms with immense garage that can accommodate several cars. This is also suitable for those who are financially independent.

In Southern Oshawa, you can find fully detached but smaller in size residential homes, apartments available on rent and low-rise condos near downtown area of city. If you are interested in bungalows, then that are available too located near Northern Oshawa. Those who are young professionals and looking to establish themselves and those who want to raise small family then this region would be ideal for you.


Market price report:

In the median listing price, Oshawa is on 41th most expensive in Canada, with median listing price $484,900 and the average price for homes for sale in Oshawa is $484,900 recently with 2 bedrooms properties is the most common. There are a lot of neighborhoods in Ontario for you to invest in for that reason one must narrow search down.  The pressure on the house price has risen from few months due to decrease in the number of homes for sales in neighborhoods, all this is a game of supply and demand.

Above we mention the apartments report and now is the turn of house report which shows that this month the Canada’s national median shows Oshawa condos for sale are priced at $290,900 that means Oshawa is in the top 20% in Canada. In Oshawa, the median house price in Aug was at $424,900 which was above average compared to the rest of Ontario. When we compare the properties of Oshawa to the rest of the nation then one can find fewer bedrooms here that means smaller properties are commonly available here to invest in. Oshawa is on the 22 number having most properties offer of 1145.

We generally recommend researching well before investing in any property because it is very important hopefully this piece of writing will help you a bit. If you are interested to invest or buy any property in Oshawa, then you should know that now there are fewer homes for sales as compared to last year. His means that it would also affect the house prices.

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