Top 5 Advantages Of Franchising In The Real Estate Sector


As in other sectors, franchising in real estate offers many advantages to project leaders. The first is to offer them a turnkey concept. Indeed, wanting to be an entrepreneur is good, but you still have to have a business idea. With the franchise, there is no need to think about the communication plan, the visual identity, the sales methods, the layout of the point of sale…The franchisor has already thought everything out.

Opening a franchise real estate agency, therefore, has numerous advantages. By opting for franchising, project leaders benefit from the notoriety of the network they choose, from tailor-made training, assistance, tools…in the end, all these services save time and money.


1. Training, One of the Keys to Success

All franchise brands offer their franchisees initial training and continuing education. In real estate, training is particularly long, ranging from a few weeks to eight months.

Frankly, training is a key factor that allows you to learn the fundamentals of the concept to be operational as soon as your unit opens.

The theoretical part of the training allows you to understand the basics of management, administrative organization, and all business methods. Marketing and communication are also discussed, as well as the legal aspect. The practical part in the field allows you to understand the daily life of the activity and to put into practice what has been learned during the theoretical training. It is also an opportunity to have initial contact with customers.


2. The Fame of a Major Brand

By choosing a network with strong national roots, franchise candidates benefit from the brand’s fame. It is obvious that when you open an agency in your own name, you have to make yourself known, and that takes time. When you open with a brand known to all, such as RE/MAX INTEGRA, customers are reassured and deem you trustworthy. In such a competitive sector, taking advantage of the image of a national brand and being part of a network of professionals undoubtedly makes it possible to succeed faster.


3. Take Advantage of a National Communication

Sponsorship of events, television advertisements, radio spots, poster campaigns…Most of the large national networks rely on ambitious national communication, which helps to increase their notoriety. This is an indisputable advantage for franchisees who enjoy tremendous visibility.

You should know that franchisees participate financially in the communication actions set up by the franchising networks. They pay the franchisor an advertising fee, which varies depending on the network.


4. Effective Tools

Business software, marketing, and sales tools…By choosing a franchise, real estate agents benefit from turnkey tools that allow them to work efficiently. For example, in real estate, there are prospecting and customer relationship management software that make it easier for franchisees. And in addition to all the tools offered by the various brands, franchisees in the real estate sector can count on the activities put in place by franchisors. Thus, the network facilitators are there to provide concrete solutions to specific difficulties but also and above all to set up action plans to boost the turnover of the units.


5. Entrepreneurship, Without Being Isolated

The loneliness of the entrepreneur is obvious. Alone at the helm of their business, entrepreneurs can feel isolated and sometimes overwhelmed. To be a franchise owner is about being a part of a network. If the franchise business owner is independent, he is not alone. Generally, franchisees maintain numerous exchanges between themselves, and the head of the network takes care to organize regional meetings or national conventions each year, which constitute as many opportunities for franchisees to discuss the problems encountered but also on the best practice observed.







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