Top Restaurants In Markham, Ontario


Situated approximately 30 KMs in the northeast of Downtown Toronto, Markham is the largest city in York community. Markham is a tourist destination and hundreds of thousands of people visit the city every year.

The city of Markham is well known for fancy restaurants and amazing food. Food has become of the symbol and heritage of the city. People visit the city of Markham from all over the country to enjoy the delicious food. But what is the best thing to eat there and which restaurant might be your go-to choice? Surely there are a lot of restaurants in the city and as tourists; it becomes difficult at times to choose the best place to eat. This list will help you decide. Check out some of the best places to eat in Markham Ontario.


Zen Japanese Restaurant:

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, this might be your top choice. Zen is an aesthetic Japanese cuisine restaurant and provides every bit of taste and quality. You will definitely like the environment and the food there. A lot of reviews about the place tell that it is among the top eateries of the city and provides a high-quality complete meal with all the components and nutrients. You will surely love the place, take your time and visit Zen to have a wonderful dinner.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House:

Located at 170 Enterprise Blvd Unionville, Ruth is one of the most famous steak houses in the city. The quality and purity of their steaks is what makes the place unique and famous. Steaks is surely the most favorite food of North American people. Tourists and food lovers from all parts of the country visit Ruth’s to have a wonderful piece of beef steak. Order a three-course meal and you will have a wonderful night out.


Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant:

Fishman lobster clubhouse is the fanciest and craziest place in the entire city to enjoy delicious lobster and have great family time. I am sure you might want to try out a delicious lobster because everyone loves that. It is sometimes people’s fantasy to enjoy a world-class lobster. Not everyone knows how to perfectly cook a lobster, but the amazing chefs at Fishman do. We are sure that you will enjoy the amazing delicacy and will have one hell of a feast. So, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity, grab one and get your hands on an amazing lobster at Fishman. The restaurant is located at 4020 Finch Avenue E Miliken.


Bamiyan Kabob:

Are you a fan of Middle Eastern and Asian Cuisine? If you are then you might not want to miss the most aesthetic, pleasing, and delicious Middle Eastern food in Markham. There are not many places that can balance the spices and taste along with tasty aroma in complex Middle Eastern and Asian continental dishes. However, Bamiyan has learned the art of balancing it out perfectly every time and as a result, the place provides an excellent quality of food. The place is located at 7760 Markham Road. So when you are planning to visit Markham city, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious and affordable middle eastern food in a friendly and quiet environment.


Smash Kitchen And Bar:

Providing tasty Upscale American cuisine, this place is undoubtedly ranked as one of the most amazing food outlets in Markham with delicious food, aesthetically pleasing environment, and friendly staff. If you really want to make your meal count, this is the place you might be looking for. Every Monday, the place offers a $10 pizza deal which only gets better every time you plan to go there. This amazing American restaurant is situated at 4261 Highway 7, Unionville.

There are hundreds of amazing food places and restaurants in Markham, Ontario. We can’t list down all of the places we have tried and like. However, the above mentioned are the city’s top food eateries with different styles of cuisine and different food environment. So have a try at one of these next times you are in the town and let us know what you think about these restaurants.

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