What can New Families afford in Ajax


Ajax, Ontario: What can New Families afford in the City?

Ajax is one of the fastest growing town in the Durham region, Ontario. This town is bordered by the city of Pickering and is along the Lake Ontario. The name of the town is on a British warship (HMS Ajax) that served in World War II.  If you are planning to move to ajax then it might be a good decision for you because Ajax is quite area and attractive mostly for the new families


Why to buy a buy in Ajax Ontario:

The most interested fact to buy home in the ajax Ontario is the Greater Toronto Area which is the home for the 5 million people and half of the population is of those who migrated from other countries to Canada due to which this region is rich with different cultures. According to a survey Ajax is the first and one of the most livable places in Canada.


Ajax to live in or to buy home:

Ajax is an economically booming town and is a great place to raise family. There occur a lot of new developments over the past few years. You can also find here beautifully built new houses with different sizes and styles, houses include townhouses, single family detached homes or semi-detached homes. If we compare Ajax to other parts of the Durham, then we can find here more cultural diversity that means different types of restaurants with different type of foods are also present in this town.


Affordable housing in Town:

Although the prices of the housing is increasing day by day but quite affordable homes you can still find in the town. You can find affordable houses for sale in Ajax in the range of $400,000 to $550,000 for a single family. Mostly in this price range condos and townhouses are available in this town with mostly 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the condos and 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the townhouse.


Best places to live in Ajax:

There are number of beautiful and stunning places to live like lake view an unspoiled beauty that is the specialty of the region. Number of parks spread on the kilometers for the jogger and the hikers. Along with the parks there are number of natural scenic views’ creeks, picnic points and multi-use trail. If you are a nature lover and loves to view the beautiful scenic views, then the waterfront area is one of the best areas of the ajax to live in you can find here home of your choice like house, luxury apartments, mansions or villas.


The southern area of Ajax:

South area of Ajax is located near the Salem and Bayly and near to the Lake Ontario. Here mostly young families are making the most of the population and the area is really beautiful developed with the master planning for the family community. This area is also best to live because of the better school system which might become the strong recommendation of the area. Central- area of Ajax is also on-demand to buy a house there.

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