What can New Families afford in Kitchener?


Kitchener, Ontario:

In few words, we can perfectly describe this city as a modernized, business hub, perfect location, and vibrant community. It is the hub of almost every activity that occurs in the Waterloo region. Both population and job are growing day by day in Kitchener. To follow the new trends and to fulfill its residents needs, many new building structures are being constructed in the city.


The unemployment rate which is very low is the most attracting thing in the city due to which one will move to it. Anyone who wants to live a life of his own choice the city provides many options to him. If one wants to live in the center of the city, he can choose from the three-core urban area that is Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge. But if one wants to live in a rural area and a relatively quiet place, he can move to the little outside of the town on merely a drive of few minutes.


The city of Kitchener offers a high-quality education to every child in it. It has both public, religion base and private elementary and secondary schools. The buildings of school vary from very modern to the shaded and historic which has many stories to tell the children. The city also has two world class universities that are Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. Both of these universities manage the campuses of downtown Kitchener. By the ministry of training, colleges and universities Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Kitchener has been honored to be the best institute of its type.


Kitchener considers the heath of its residents as a primary concern. There is plenty of great care for everyone living in the Kitchener, Waterloo region. The city is to home of two great hospitals that are Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital. In addition to these hospitals, the city also has The University of Waterloo’s Downtown Health Sciences Campus Grand River Regional Cancer Centre. This provides to the whole family the primary care of high standards.


Average House Price:

In Kitchener one can easily find a home of his dream. Whether one want an old home in the street with tree lining or a modern condo there is no problem. It has home for the families, to the retirees and young professionals.


The price of a two-bedroom detached house with two-bathrooms is $463K, a three-bedroom house with three-bathroom is of $573K and a four-bedroom house with three-bathroom is of $681K. the average price of a single bedroom town house with one bathroom is $256K, and of a three-bedroom town house with three-bathrooms is of $424K. the prices od condominium houses are even very less and easily affordable in Kitchener. The average price of a single bedroom condo is $225K and a two-bedroom condo with one-bathroom is of $265K.


Below is given the list of the neighborhoods of Kitchener from the most affordable to least affordable

  • Victoria hills
  • Downtown/Rockway/S. Ward
  • Downtown Kitchener/West Ward
  • Stanley Park/Centreville
  • Fairview/Kings dale



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