What can New Families afford in Markham?


Markham, Ontario:

The city is the part of the Great Toronto Area and has the title of being the 16th largest city of Canada. It is the most populous municipality of the York region’s and turns into city from town in 2012. On thanks giving, a fair in held in the city which is not only the oldest county fairs of Canada but also it is the country’s largest community-volunteer organization.


It is a great city. It is cheaper than Toronto but still a little bit expensive than other cities. Markham is very safe with good stock of houses. The city is very suburban. The city is eclectic of old and new which makes it unique. The city has old neighborhoods that are very impressive and colorful and are well worth wandering around. Its charming neighborhoods has beautiful houses, fabulous boutiques and restaurants. The city has Markham Stoufville hospital and many medical facilities which make it the home of great-quality health services.


The city vibrant and has many cultural centers, parks, recreational facilities and heritage sights. A great place for an afternoon stroll is a Too Good park situated in the Unionville. There is a pond in this park about which it is famous. The park has trail that encircles the pond and is the popular hiking spot. The park also has beautiful vegetation, rocky hills and lovely bridges.


Along the main street another great community to walk around is Markham Village. In the street there are historic homes which are now converted into shops and the restaurants. The stories of the city’s history and growth is being told by an open-air museum that is Markham Museum. The museum is made up of almost 330 buildings among which most are the historic buildings that tells about how the life used to be in the past. For the enjoyment of a picnic on the winter or summer day the museum also has lovely gardens.


The city also has many fantastic theaters where one can spend an evening by enjoying a show. You can see there stand up comedy, plays, musicals and dance theaters. There are many indoor activities which are being offered by many recreational communities of the city. Most of these communities are located in the populous area. There is a Chinese market in the city consists of 170 family-run stores. From this market you can get anything that is made in China.


Average house Price;

The prices of a detached house are generally higher than that of condominium and town house. In Markham a two-bedroom detached house with two-bathroom is of $1.2M, while of a three-bedroom house with two-bathroom is of $1.3M and a five-bedroom house with five-bathroom is of $1.5M. The price of a two-bedroom with one-bathroom townhouse is $616K, a three-bedroom townhouse with three-bathroom is $849K and of a four-bedroom townhouse with four-bathroom is of $960K. The average price of a single room condo with one-bathroom is $531K and of a two-bedroom condo with two-bathroom is $587K.


The best and affordable neighborhoods in Markham to live in are

  • Cornell
  • Greensborough
  • Markham Village
  • Aurora Groove



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