What can New Families afford in Oakville?



Oakville is a well-known suburb of Halton in the Greater Toronto District. Residents enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this unique lake town and benefit from its proximity to downtown Toronto’s activities and amenities.


Oakville is known to be highly critical of Toronto executives and other prominent professionals. The regional transit system, Go Transit, provides train or bus transportation between Oakville and Toronto as well as other cities and towns in the Golden Horseshoe area. Oakville also has one of the highest rated public schools in Ontario, as well as a selection of high-performing private schools, which help attract families with young children to the Oakville-based housing market.


At the venue, residents enjoy a range of amusements, 150 kilometers of trails, over 200 parks and two natural harbors to help them navigate the private and public golf stadium including Glen Abbey, home of the Canadian Open. The Oakville Arts Council is helping to foster a thriving artistic culture in areas including the Oakville Center for the Performing Arts and Oakville Galleries.


It is best described as a prosperous community with some of the country’s finest, most desirable buildings in Oakville waterfront and heritage centers close to the city’s best restaurants and fine city restaurants. Constructed of 13 different areas, the city itself offers plenty of beautiful tree-lined streets as well as a list of outstanding homes, townhouses and codes to choose from.


Average house price:

No doubt Oakville is the 2nd most expensive place to live in GTA. The price of detached houses comes in ranges of millions of dollars which are not affordable for average families. The townhouses and condos in the expensive areas are also not affordable for average people.


But there are some communities where condos are affordable like 50 Old Mill Road have luxurious apartments with 1 bedroom and bathroom in price of $549,900. It is near to downtown area and the Go Train is also easy to access. Also, the apartments with 1 bedroom and a bathroom is available on 2400 Prince Michael DR 109 in less price than the previous, $485,000 and 2 bedroom apartment in $499,000 at 2480 Prince Michael DR 219.If you are looking for 3 bed and 2 bathrooms apartment in price of $400,000, condos in 1482 Pilgrims way 1534 Oakville are one of the best options. These condos have professionally installed smart home system, it means you can use your voice, phone and smart switches to operate light and heat. The 2 bed and 2 bathrooms apartments are easily available in minimum prices. A penthouse suite at 2199 sixth line, Oakville with all the facilities and amenities is for sale at the price of $543,900. So, the condos are more affordable in Oakville.



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