What can New Families afford in Vaughan?


Vaughan, Ontario

In the area of great Toronto, after undergoing constant development in many years, Vaughan has become one of the most sought out cities. It offers different types of benefits to its residents to live a happy and peaceful life. Some of the main reasons that why one should live in Vaughan are given below.


Accessibility of schools is one of the main reasons to move in here. The location of the school from pre-school to post secondary are all in the close area of the homes of the city. There is a brand-new subway extension in the city that leads to Toronto. Once a person is graduate it become very easy for him to access the best universities in Toronto.


The second reason is employment. The rate of employment is Vaughan is increasing day by day due to which the economic growth of the Canada and the Ontario is increasing. To meet the needs of its residents the Vaughan city has many plans to improve the job market. The city with 9000 existing enterprise and still growing business community values entrepreneurship.


The region of York has the honor of being one of the safest regions in the Canada. With constantly increasing health care, City of Vaughan has walk-in clinics, brand new hospitals and family doctors. It provides great health services. The police services and fire station are present near every neighborhood.


When you are living in Vaughan there is no way that you got bored. The city is filled with many options of entertainment. Canada’s Wonderland and Vaughan Mill Mall are the biggest attractions. With variety of bars and clubs, including many dining options, arcades and cinemas it also provides fun at night. Every park and trail in the 15 minutes vicinity of each resident. With the opening of the subway the residents of the Vaughan now can go to the downtown Toronto for dinner for dinner, festivals and many more.


There are four different ways of traveling crossways the city, GTA and Toronto. Viva Rapid Transit, Go Transit, York Region Transit (YRT), and Toronto Transit Commission System (TTC), are the inexpensive and the major networks of transportation in the city.


Average House Price:

The average price of a condominium in Vaughan of one bedroom with one bathroom is $525K, while of a two-bedroom along with 2-bathroom is of $684K. The prices of townhouses in Vaughan is more than condominium price. A three-bedroom townhouse with 3-bathroom is of $906K while of two-bedroom along with two-bathroom is of $729K. when we talk about detached houses in Vaughan their prices are far more then condominium and town houses. The average price of a two-bedroom with two-bathroom is $1.1M, four-bedroom with four-bathroom is of $1.5M and of five-bedroom with five-bathroom is of $1.8M.


The list of best and cheap neighborhoods of Vaughan to live in is given below.

  • Sonoma heights
  • East Woodbridge
  • National estates
  • Kleinberg
  • MacKenzie Ridge Ambassador hills
  • Weston Downs
  • Columbus Trail
  • Downtown Woodbridge
  • Maple Landing
  • Old Maple



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