What can New Families afford in Waterloo?


Waterloo, Ontario

If you are looking for an active, booming place to live, work, study and invent then here you go Waterloo is exactly the same place. From all over the world people visit Canada and settle down in waterloo. It is at half hour drive from Toronto. The city offers a mix of modern cities and the beautiful countryside.


The weather of the city is diverse. People here enjoy four different seasons with warm summer months and moderate winters. The weather patterns are predictable here. From the mid-December to mid-April people here enjoy winter. The snow fall here is not very plentiful and the sunny skies are common. The average high temperature in January is -3.1° and in July it is 25.9°.


The rate of employment in Waterloo is one of the highest rates in Ontario. The manufacturing base and other industries are very strong here due to which it is the growing hub of the knowledge sectors, innovation and technology. With the variation in the routes, method and distance the cost of public transportation varies. Grand River transit public transportation system I the main public transport system to move in the city which uses buses. The access to Toronto is very easy by using Go bus and train service.


The hospitals of Kitchener serve the waterloo. Grand River hospital and the St. Mary’s General Hospital are the famous hospitals. Grand River Hospitals also includes K-W and Freeport health centers.


The children of Waterloo have many opportunities of learning. The city is home to one technical college and two universities. The Conestoga College is rated as one of the best colleges in Ontario. While the University of Waterloo is famous for computer science, mathematics and engineering programs and the Wilfrid Laurier University is known for business and economic programs. The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Centre for International Governance Innovation are also famous educational institutes.


For the residents and the visitors to explore waterloo has many parks and the trails. A wide range of recreational facilities such as ball diamonds and sports fields are provided by the Waterloo Park and RIM Park. They also have picnic shelters, access to transit, parking and public washrooms.


Average House Price:

The prices of houses in Waterloo are less then Toronto and many neighborhoods but are higher than some southern Ontario communities. The average rent of a two-bedroom apartment is $824K. The buying of a house is more affordable then to take it on rent.


The average price of a two-bedroom condominium with two-bathroom is $267K while of a three-bedroom with three-bathroom is $325K. The prices of a townhouse is little higher than that of a condominium. The two-bedroom townhouse with two-bathroom is of $316K, the price of a three-bedroom townhouse with three-bathroom is $433K. The prices of the detached houses even are higher. The single bedroom house with one bathroom is of $803K, the four-bedroom house with two-bathroom is of $879K and of five-bedroom house with 5-bathroom is of $1.2M.


The affordable neighborhoods of Waterloo are

  • Uptown Waterloo
  • North ward



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