What Is CRM and Why Real Estate Agents Need it


Like most other businesses, you might be competing against tough odds every day. There used to be only a few real estate agents in an area a decade or more ago. But nowadays, every market is saturated with real estate agents competing for the business.

With all that, you might be left looking for ways to provide better services and have an edge against your competitors. A CRM for real estate agents is one of the ways to do exactly that.

But, what is CRM, and why would real estate agents use it? Let’s get into that below


What Is A CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship management software that can allow you to comfortably manage your real estate business from a single platform. It enables you to stay connected, whether you are in the office or outside.

In general, you can manage leads, track campaigns, handle communications, take care of documents, manage your calendar, and stay on top of your game with a top of the line real estate CRM.

Now, let’s get into four reasons to use customer relationship management software.

Automated Digital Marketing

The real estate business has always been about being friendly and providing excellent customer service. This way, the agents get close to clients and build a sense of trust that allows clients to make purchases more easily.

While all that was done with postcards and other ways a while ago, things are different nowadays. You need to have excellent digital marketing strategies. While you will have to work on things like content marketing yourself, things like email and texts can be easily automated. Sending happy birthday or happy home anniversary messages can make a lot of difference.


Develop Relationships

You may already know that clients don’t buy a home on your first interaction. They will call, text, email, and keep communicating until they are satisfied enough to purchase.

Since you have to handle tens or more clients at a time, keeping track of every little conversation can be immensely challenging. Not attending calls or responding really late to messages can hurt your business.

CRM enables you to keep track of all your communications and be accountable. For instance, if you have promised to call back a client at a particular time and day, your CRM will remind you.

A CRM can also allow you to connect to your clients no matter where you are or your mode of communication. You can also make notes and record phone calls.


Easily Follow Up

You may know that referrals are the life and blood of real estate businesses. But most of the time, real estate businesses are filled with referrals, and the agents don’t properly handle them. The right way to convert referrals into clients is to follow up on your conversations.

With a CRM system, you no longer have to worry about little things like when you should contact them, how you should do it, or who should be at the top of your list.


Stay Connected With Past Clients

Many real estate agents aren’t aware that their past clients would happily refer them to their friends or family and even return to them for their future purchasing needs. But the issue is, the real estate agents don’t keep in touch.

Your clients are the ones who are making your business successful, so if you can get a system that allows you to keep in touch with them after-sale, why not do it?

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