Why can having beautiful listing pictures can get your home more showings?


Selling a house can be hard depending on the area it’s in or how the housing market is going that year. One of the ways to getting more people to show up to at least look at the house you have for sale is by making sure there are beautiful listing pictures in your ad.

I am quite sure you have heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and the truth is that first impressions are lasting ones when it comes to selling anything, let alone a big purchase like a house. Buyers can and do make their first impression on a home listing by checking out the photos posted of the property.

Never list a house for sale without pictures
Would you ever want to go see a property when the sales agent didn’t think enough of it to even post a few photos? The house buyers out there are usually looking for emails or websites for real estate that list hundreds of homes. If your listing doesn’t have any photos, it won’t get a second look and they will just scroll on past it to the next one. It’s just not worth their time to find out if that house is a good choice for them or not if they don’t know how it looks in advance.

Poor photos are just as bad as no photos
The same thing goes for home for sale listings with horrible or blurry, poorly lit photos of the property. If you don’t list great photos that really show off the house at its best, then stand by for no visitors to show up for your open house! Once again, no potential home buyer has the time to spend showing up for a house visit prior to knowing if it could meet their needs or not.

And the same goes if you don’t hire a pro to take those pictures. Getting an amateur or maybe your cousin or brother in law to take a few quick shots won’t cut it either. You want excellent photos that frame the house, show it off in great lighting and that focus on all the great things about it.

The more photo the better
People like to compare all the aspects of a house when they are browsing the listings for their dream home. If all you post is a picture of the front of the house, how are they going to know if, for instance there’s a nice big backyard for the kids and dog or if your bathroom is modern or outdated?

Plus, if you have lots of photos showing off all the rooms and all the things on the exterior as well, the people will feel more relaxed when they show up to the open house. That’s because they will have a sense of déjà vu and it will feel like they have seen it all before and they are just confirming their first interest. It gives them a prior connection to a house and makes them more likely to see it as a probable place to live.

Make sure the house, yard and everything else is clean, decluttered and picture perfect
You can’t rush and just click off a bunch of photos for your home for sale listing. First, you need to totally clean and declutter both the inside and the outside of the property. Make sure things like the toilet seat is down, there are no stains on the carpeting, or no random toys or pieces of clothing laying on the floor. It’s vital to show off the house in its best light and that means ensuring there are no weird things in the photos. You may think it is funny, but in some listings people have refused to even go see a house for sale because they noticed things like a random bug crawling up a wall or some sort of illegal item like drug pipe laying on a nearby table.

People can zoom in on online house photos and some of them are pretty anal! They see it all even if you think it is something minor. Are the windows dirty and streaked? Did one of the kids draw on the wall? Those are the things you must correct prior to taking photos for a house for sale listing.

The bottom line is your house is a product and you need to show off that product in the best way you can. So, make sure all your house listing photos are beautiful, in focus, lighted properly and are taken of the home’s best features. Good luck!

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