Why Renovating a Bathroom Can Brighten your Day


Renovating your existing bathroom according to your liking and functionality can have a pleasant effect on your entire home. Starting your day from the bathroom which reflects your personality and provides comfort at the same time can brighten your entire day.

Apart from the kitchen, bathroom is the only room in your house with lots of fixtures. And since it is used frequently with no day off, it requires maintenance. When you decide to renovate your bathroom, it depends whether you want to increase the functionality by replacing the shower, water taps, bathtub, etc. or you want to enhance décor by installing shower curtains, painting, wall arts, lightening, etc.

Here, I am going to give you some useful decorating tips to bring some elegance to your bathroom.


Beautify Bathroom Walls

While relaxing in the bathtub, it is boring to look at simple painted walls; therefore, you must bring in something to stare at. Framed wall art can be a good choice, but you must choose those pieces which match with the décor of the room. Another choice can be a wall mural, which can found in different tones and textures, so pick the one which attracts and bring some luxury into your bathroom.


Use some lights

By lights, I don’t mean turning your bathroom into a disco by installing colorful flashing lights, I am taking about sconces and bath bars. A pair of these on both sides of the mirror not only give a modern look but also help during makeup and shaving. As the ceiling lights might be enough, but sometimes they can create shadows.

Colorful towels and curtains

If you happen to have a window in your bathroom, make use of this opportunity to hang curtains matching with your bathroom’s color scheme. And instead of using white or same color towels, switch to something more colorful and display it on a towel rack.


Upholstered furniture

If you have got enough space to adjust a bench, sofa, or even a chair; do it. A comfortable seat will definitely add an elegance even if it is not used. But make sure not to get it wet, unless you want to ruin it.

Put flower vase on the vanity

Flowers are loved by almost every person on this planet unless you are allergic to them. So put some fresh flowers in a vase and place it on your bathroom vanity as a welcoming gesture. But if you want to use flowers, you might have to change them on a regular basis.

Make a Bookcase

Thanks to social media and cell phones that book reading is declining day by day. But if you are a literary person and a book lover, you can make a bookcase and place some book in it to give an elegant look to your bathroom. Moreover, you can also read them in case you have to spend more time there. But make sure to keep the case away from water.

These were just some ideas to enhance the décor of your bathroom. If you have the same interests as mine, go and apply some of these. If not, no problem, you can revamp your bathroom according to your interests. Don’t forget to add to this list by commenting below.

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